Affordable Roof Repairs and Replacements West Hartford Connecticut

The New Roof Company of Connecticut has over 25 years of residential roofing experience providing roof repairs and replacements to our customers in West Hartford Connecticut. We focus on responsive service, fast turn around times and quality workmanship.

Our focus is on our goal:

To provide you, our customers, with superior quality roof replacement at an affordable price.

We are 100% focused on residential roof replacements throughout the Farmington Valley, Hartford and Litchfield County Connecticut.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Local Roofer:

  • Your roofer needs to have a valid contractor's license as well as a current insurance certificate.
  • Carefully weigh your options when it comes to price and value. What is most important to you?
  • Good Communication - you want your roofer to answer the phone when you call with questions.
  • Be a Professional - a clean job site during and after the roofing renovation is a must.
  • Dependability - punctuality and sticking to schedule. You don't need crews at your house for days on end.
  • Accountability - will your roofer be there for you if something goes wrong? A roofer gone in the wind is no help.
  • Experienced - sadly not every roofer has proof they know what they are doing. Learning on your roof is not what you want.